Viktoras Jucikas

Co-Founder & CTO

Viktoras is co-founder and CTO of YPlan. Previously he was Executive Director at Goldman Sachs, most recently on the Fund Derivatives desk where he led efforts on designing, implementing and maintaining data models, representing securities traded on the desk. Before that, Viktoras worked in Global Macro Proprietary trading desk, on real-time multi-asset risk management systems. He then moved to the Equity Exotics and Hybrids desk where he developed pricing tools for flow-exotics products, as well as real-time risk management systems for Single Stock Exotics and Index Exotics desks to help navigate turbulent markets in '08/09. Viktoras graduated from Jacobs University Bremen with an MSc in Computational Sciences and Kaunas University of Technology with a BSc in Computer Science, during which he worked on Computer Vision and Computer Graphics in a startup developing Kinect-like gaming accessories. Viktoras’ vast experience in the technology sector allowed him to quickly prototype different ideas and implement an early version of YPlan without much prior iOS knowledge. Innovative technology lies at the heart of YPlan’s development, and Viktoras’ knowledge and expertise has been crucial in bringing the product to market. A technical genius with a keen-eye for visual design, Viktoras is passionate and curious about all things mobile, constantly learning and exploring new mobile UX / UI paradigms. Most recently, Viktoras won the best demo award for a mobile app in Seedhack'12, organised by Seedcamp. Separately Viktoras was also a president of the Lithuanian City of London Club which unites Lithuanian professionals based in London from a wide array of careers, including finance, law, business consulting and academia.