Tony Espinoza


After 20+ years of building world-class online experiences, Tony’s excited to be enhancing a platform that connects people offline in meaningful, life-changing ways. His career in the tech industry began at Apple, where he was on the team that built the world’s first personal digital assistant. He went on to develop the first versions of many other now-ubiquitous systems, including web-based calendaring and large-scale multi-player gaming systems.

In 2003, Tony founded SF Soundworks, where he’s recorded and mixed over 800 songs. Journalist Garrett Kamps wrote, “Tony’s a visionary, and like most visionaries, he walks a fine line between idealism and lunacy.” He jumps at big, life and world-changing ideas; Couchsurfing is no exception.

He’s held senior management positions in both start-ups and large, global media corporations. Prior to joining Couchsurfing, Tony was a founder of three successful companies: (now AOL) SuperSecret (now Knowledge Adventure), and Social Express (now MTV Networks).