Axelle Tessandier

Axl Agency

Axelle Tessandier is a content strategist, trend spotter, writer, curator, sharer and bold thinker. After different  experiences in media, TV, press and foremost cinema, she helped green organizations to communicate using the digital environment. A few months later, she was chosen to go to the innovation program Palomar5 in Berlin. Targeted for the digital generation, Axelle started the project "Show Me Love Lab" exploring the values and expectations of digital natives in the workplace. Passionate by the beliefs of this generation embracing the empowering possibilities of the internet, she joined the Palomar5 pilot collaborative hub in San Francisco, in partnership with the GAFFTA, as a resident artist. She started to write for different sites such as ReadWriteWeb and The Next Web and participating in new journalistic innovations like LongShotMag before becoming the Marketing Director of the US based startup She is now working side to side with brands and projects she believes will inspire their customers and audience to take action on designing a better world. No naive statement according to her, she is just a true advocate of the web power.